An old residence intimately linked to the vine. A region renowned for its good wines: Anjou and Saumur.
An arboretum created with remarkable plants.
Passionate about nature, music and books. A Franco-Russian alliance that works.

Wines - vines

The Chateau’s plots are located on the north-eastern side of the hill, benefiting from the light of the morning rays but protected from the heavy evening heat as well as from the prevailing westerly winds. Planted in Chenin and Cabernet Franc in clay-limestone soil, the vines are cultivated using organic farming methods.
Formerly in the Saumur appellation, most of the Chateau’s plots are now in the Anjou appellation.

Music - Heritage - Schnaus

The Château du Bourg Joly is located on the eastern flank of Puy de Mont, the highest peak in the town of Saint Martin de Sanzay, halfway between Saumur in Anjou and Thouars, the high town of Poitou, this area is the border of these two provinces formerly united for the reign of the Plantagenets. The built heritage is restored, the park regains its beauty and harmony, music and literature bring it back to life.

Arboretum - gardens

Since 2007, the 3 ha castle park has been recreated by planting an arboretum of trees and groves that are both native and rare, accompanied by remarkable plants such as peonies, roses and many others. Strict application of clean ecological principles has brought in abundant wildlife, making it a refuge for both birds and bats. Dozens of meters of natural hedges are planted every year.